providing services to meet the social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of the older adult

Senior Center Staff
Ruth Junkin, Director
Jeanne Alcazar, Assistant Director (Volunteering)
Betsy Kiker, Assistant Director (FASTRAN, Trips, and Transportation issues)
Donna Lopez, Assistant Director (Congregate Meals and Paid Classes and Instructors)
Monica Koppelman, Assistant Director (Newsletter and Outreach)
Kevin Wiafe, Assistant Director (Registrations and Membership cards)

Anita Chinyavong, Recreation Therapist

Sasha Swimmerton, Recreation Therapist
Pam Harms, Case Worker

Volunteers for the Website
Joyce Saldivar

Luan Ngo - Web Albums

Herndon Senior Center Council, Inc.

 873 Grace Street

Herndon, VA 20170 US

Phone: (703) 464-6200​

​Fax: (703) 437-8750

Welcome to our Senior Center

Next Closures:     Closed January 2020:

Saturday February 15 and Monday February 17 for President's Day

50+ Weekend Clubhouse at the Herndon Senior Center click here for information

SAIL Classes   weekdays January 13 to April 3 at 2:30....

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Feldenkrais Program for February 2020 Open to Public

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Herndon Senior Center is open for membership to adults aged 50 or older. 

The Senior Center is community based and serves as a focal point for  senior adults by providing a continuum of services in a supportive environment and by serving as a link for participants, their families, and the community at large to resources offered by other agencies. 

Services are designed to be prevention and intervention oriented to meet the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the older adult. 

Senior Centers fulfill a unique need both by recognizing the diverse needs of the older adult and by understanding that seniors contribute lifelong experience, interests, and skills to their communities. 

The Herndon Senior Center has Wi-Fi !!

Usual Center days and hours
Monday - Thursday

9am - 8 pm

Friday and Saturday 

9 am - 4 pm 

Beginning January 3

9 am - 8 pm

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Inclement Weather Policy

Current Newsletter

February 2020